The Give A Care Video

The video shows one day in the life of three caregivers: a working mother with three kids; a father of a child with special needs, and a young woman helping to care for her grandmother.

The mom does a task that every parent in the world has done over generations. She wakes up her kids, gives them breakfast, makes their lunches, takes them to school. Her three kids wait patiently after school while their mom deals with a traffic jam. She’s late to get them and knows it. She worries about them, but when she gets to school and they greet her happily, she knows that the daily routine that comes with being a parent is priceless.

The father wakes up his son and takes him to physical therapy. The session is difficult for both the father and his son. The father grows increasingly worried when he receives text messages from his office telling him he’s late again and to see his boss when he gets in. But when his son falls down, the father is there to comfort him. At his office, the father’s clearly angry boss tells him it’s not working out. The father, still reeling from the encounter, is greeted by his son and a handmade card thanking him for all he does. The father is clearly touched.

The young woman is shown making her way across town via bus during her trip to see her ailing grandmother.  As the young woman moves about her grandmother’s house, her grandmother notices a “past due” bill in her granddaughter’s purse. Later that day, the grandmother brings her friends to the restaurant where her granddaughter works as a waitress. After the check arrives, the grandmother and her friends each leave a generous tip for the young woman so she can pay her bill.

The video is an opportunity to show caregivers that we do recognize and value their sacrifices for their loved ones.  It’s a well-deserved thank you card come to life.