Why Appreciate Caregivers?

The role of caregiver is an essential one in our society, and yet those who work tirelessly as caregivers are rarely acknowledged for what they do. From single parents, to adults caring for children with disabilities, to younger family members caring for seniors, we all know someone who can be called a caregiver. Caregivers spend much of their day working in situations often as challenging as they are rewarding.

It’s unfortunate that our society takes for granted the work of caregivers, rarely acknowledging the deep commitment they make for the benefit of all of us. But that can change, and it starts by simply recognizing those who dedicate themselves to the complicated job of giving care.  But this is just one step: laws and institutions also need to change in order to truly recognize the time, effort and love of caregivers.

Give a Care is part of that transformation, and through this campaign we hope to help create a world where the dignity and responsibility of caregivers is finally recognized.